5 Best Ab Rollers for Home workouts

Abs workout routines are more versatile than ever and more than any other core workout gadget, the ab roller gives you a chance to train your entire core including abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and obliques altogether.

Abs roller or Abs wheel performs the core workout with the idea of “anti-extension,” and that’s all about keeping you from over-arching your back.

Anti-extension can be trained in other ways, too but the ab wheel lets you challenge that anti-extension in all-new ways which are effective for your overall core strength.

The best tool for a core workout, the Abs wheel has been long forgotten. It doesn’t mean that it is not available for you at the gym but most of us doesn’t love to do the core workout often and instead, we tend to do biceps building workout.

Building a strong core and losing that side handle not only give your body a whole new look but also provides amazing strength to your body.

The best ab rollers can get you a six-pack and it doesn’t occupy much space in your workout room. This small yet effective home gym equipment can certainly help you build your core strength and if done with other Abs workouts, you can build your six-pack abs also.

Ab roller is a simple piece of fitness equipment and one of the most powerful tools you can utilize to build a killer six-pack and a bullet-proof core.

When setting up a home gym, you will probably want to invest in some best dumbbell sets or kettlebells. But you should also get an ab roller, not only does this small home equipment cost you less but also these abs roller helps you in performing your best core exercises.

Here are some best abs rollers you can buy online.

Quick Notes:

How we choose best ab rollers

While choosing these best ab rollers on our list, we keep some important points in our minds.

Material to build: The material used to build the product says durability.

Handles: The handles need to be ergonomic and padded, ideally, so your palm won’t ache after each session.

Wheels: The wheels must have grip and texture that prevents slipping while the session.

User Review: How much a customer is satisfied with the product and how they have rated it.

Price: Price and budget of the product either affordable or not.

Best Ab Rollers for core exercise

1. AmazonBasics Abdominal and Core Exercise Roller Wheel

AmazonBasics Abdominal and Core Exercise Roller Wheel

The AmazonBasic’s Ab Roller yet effective design handles on either side of a vertical wheel translates into an advanced, easy-to-use training tool. The AmazonBasics exercise roller wheel measures 13.3 by 7.6 by 7.6 inches (assembled) and weighs 2.1 pounds.

The ergonomic handles provide a secure, comfortable hold and keep wrists in alignment. The handles not only look funky but are also ergonomic and padded for extra comfort. You will definitely feel the comfort while performing your core workout using this Ab roller.

The build material for this abs roller is polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic rubber which ensures the durability of the product.

2. Adidas AB wheel

Adidas AB wheel

With a wide wheel, this Adidas abs wheel works and engages your shoulders, torso and hips as well as your abs.

The padded foam handles provide extra comfort and stability to your body during the core workout. The wheels are designed with a textured surface, which protects you from falling and provides grip from the floor.

Consisting of a stainless steel core, a durable wheel, and two foam grip handle, you really can’t go wrong with it, if you’re planning to buy this Adidas abs wheel.

3. Dr Trust AB Wheel with Knee Mat

Dr Trust AB Wheel with Knee Mat

Probably the most straightforward ab roller on the list, the Dr Trust Ab roller does what it exactly says. The handles are provided with foam material which delivers the extra grip while core workout.

The Dr Trust Ab Blaster Roller Wheel is ergonomically designed with a single 2 inches dual-textured treaded rubber wheel. The wheels are skid-resistant to maximize workout stability and safety.

The Ab roller and its part are also detachable, making it comfortable while carrying it out on your trip, so you don’t have to miss your core workout.

A high-density NBR kneepad also comes with the box.

4. PRO365® Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel

PRO365® Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel

A dual wheel in this ab roller product from Pro365 is one on this list of best abs rollers to buy online.

Consisting of a stainless steel core, Easy-Grip Wheels, and two Non-Skid wheels for added stability.

PRO365® Dual Wide Ab Roller offers outstanding quality construction and twin wheels for extra comfort, making this ab carving device easier to steer.

A 6 MM Safe Knee Mat is also included with the product box.

5. FITSY® Automatic Rebound Design 4 Wheel Ab Roller

FITSY® Automatic Rebound Design 4 Wheel Ab Roller

Don’t want to fall while doing a core workout? Well, these all-new concept 4-wheel design abs roller will be your perfect partner then.

FITSY® Automatic Rebound Design 4 Wheel Abs Roller comes with 4 wheel design and ergonomic handles provide a secure and stable workout.

This 4 wheel ab roller is a better replacement for traditional ab rollers if you’re a beginner and having difficulty while performing abs workouts.

The textured wheels of this abs workout equipment are skid-resistant & grippy, promoting stability & control. The steel construction with sturdy PVC provides an extra layer of perfection to your workout.