5 Best Whey Protein Powders to Gain Muscle Mass

Premier Protein Powder is a popular choice because it is relatively inexpensive.

If you’re looking to build up your muscles and strength and boost up your performance in gym workout sessions, then whey protein is the key to it for sure. Here is a helpful guide to a variety of products, including Premier Protein Powder.

Why Whey Protein? Well, most gym freaks use Whey as a supplement because it helps in muscle protein synthesis and promotes the growth of lean muscle mass.

Some research also suggests that Whey Protein helps in losing weight.

Whey protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey, which is the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production.

  • Whey protein concentrate (WPC) – WPC is a concentrate type of whey protein and highly nutrients than other Whey due to it’s processing. It contains low level of Fat as well as Carbohydrates. Contains about 70–80% protein.
  • Whey protein isolate– If you’re a lactose intolerance then WPI is what you’re looking for. Most of the fats and carbohydrate and lactose are removed from it during the process, making it more preferable. Contains 90 % protein.
  • Whey protein hydrolysate– WPH is to be considered as Pre-digested form of protein as it has already undergone partial hydrolysis. Due to this WPH doesn’t require as much digestion as the other two forms of whey protein.

Hydrolysis is a process performed by the body to digest protein.

All things taken into consideration, Whey protein concentrate seems to be the overall best option.

If you’re having problems tolerating concentrate, emphasizing protein while keeping carbs and fat low, whey protein isolate or hydrolysate — may be a better option.

How Whey Protein helps in building muscle ?

Whey protein is considered to be best for bodybuilding among athletes or any person who wants to improve performance in the gym.

Whey Protein works in different ways to build muscles. It includes :

  1. Block building : It provides protein and amino acids for building blocks to increased muscles.
  2. Quick Absorption : In comparison to other types of protein, Whey are quickly absorbed by body.
  3. Hormone : It increases the secretion of hormone which helps in muscle growth.
  4. Leucine : It’s a type of amino acid that helps in muscle growth and stimulates the process of synthesis. Whey contains the most leucine.

How to choose the best whey protein?

Adding whey protein is a convenient way to put protein on top of your daily intake.

Whey proteins also come in different flavors which will add a delicious twist to your smoothie or shakes.

What to look for while buying whey protein :

  1. Find a protein powder that has up to 3 percent of your daily value of carbs per serving.
  2. Low sugar content
  3. Budget Friendly
  4. Your Favorite flavor
  5. Whey protein powder without artificial sweeteners


1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

One of the best-preferred whey proteins by athletes and suggested by professionals. ON Gold Standard whey protein is the best choice if you’re low on budget as well. It contains whey protein and digestive enzymes. ON Whey Protein comes in many flavors to make your smoothie tastier. 

Flavors: Banana Cream | Chocolate Coconut | Chocolate Malt | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Coffees | Cookies & Cream | Delicious Strawberry | Double-riched chocolate | Extreme Milk-chocolate | French Vanilla | Mint Chocolate | Rocky Road | Strawberry & Cream | Strawberry Banana | vanilla Icecream

  • Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine in Each Serving

Doses: Before or After exercise, between meals or with a meal.

2. Bigmuscles Nutrition Premium Gold Whey Protein

The combined structure of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate makes it a good option to buy. Plus point – no additives or sweeteners here. You’ll get a lot more than just protein with this whey protein powder.

Flavors: Belgian Chocolate

  • Micro-filtered whey protein isolate plus whey concentrate. Easy absorption.
  • Lactose Free.

Doses: Before or After exercise, between meals or with a meal.

3. MusclePharm Combat Whey Protein Powder

A blend of fast-acting whey protein fuels muscle recovery and growth, and slow-digesting casein quells post-gym hunger pangs. Added BCAAS and Glutamine makes it preferable in workout sessions. Studies say L-glutamine helps with recovery and muscle building.

Flavors: Cookies and Cream

  • Egg albumen: highly bioavailable and tolerated by most individuals, egg albumen is high in bcaa and arginine.
  • Partially hydrolyzed whey protein.

Doses: Before or After exercise, between meals or with a meal.

4. Legion Athletics Whey+ Chocolate Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Flavors: Chocolate | Strawberry

  • Sugar Free And Sweetened With Stevia 100% Whey Isolate Protein.
  • Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Powder. Great For Weight Loss.
  • Great Taste.

Doses: Before or After exercise, between meals or with a meal.

. Premier Protein Powder

One serving of Premier Protein Powder contains just 1g of sugar, 30 gorgeous grams of protein, and is just 150 calories. Made with 100% protein from whey, it is perfect for use any time of the day, from breakfast to afternoon snack to post-exercise fuel. You can mix it with milk or water, blend it into delicious smoothies, or incorporate it baked into protein rich recipes. Each canister contains about 17 servings. 

Flavors: Chocolate Milkshake | Vanilla Milkshake | Café Latte


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