5 Best Exercise Mats for Your Workout Routine

Good exercise mats are always preferable while performing home workouts. Exercise mats help you do the workouts at your home without making you fall. Whether you want to perform yoga or do a circuit workout, exercise mats are essential for you.

One of the best advantages of having an exercise mat is that you can perform your workout routine anywhere, exercise mats are compact and portable making them comfortable to go.

How to choose best exercise mats ?

While choosing the best exercise mats, one should keep some important points in mind :

Quality of material: The material used to make the exercise mats must be good to handle the intense workout routine. The durable and soft material is always a good choice.

The thickness of mat: Well, this is up to your choice, whether you want exercise mats thicker or thinner, but while choosing one keep in mind that your mats should work as a cushion for your back also.

Customer Reviews: We will do it for you. Our expert team explores each product and reads all reviews for your better choice.

Price & Budget: Exercise mats are not so costly, but a good price product always saves your pocket. We will find the combination of the best exercise mats with the perfect budget.

Here are the 5 Best exercise mats in 2021.

Fitness Mantra® Yoga Mat for Gym Workout

A lightweight exercise mat from Fitness Mantra is a good choice for doing your workout at home. We are also keeping it for our Top Pick, as its size and durability make it a great option for a variety of activities.

The product is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which is soft and comfortable while performing workouts giving you a good sense of support while exercising. The product is Eco-Friendly and Anti –Tear Mat -With Single-sided non-slip surface creating a good amount of grip which prevents sliding.

This exercise mat is easy to clean and will be durable if you avoid washing machines and sunlight exposures.

Boldfit Yoga Mat for Men and Women

In addition to a convenient carrying strap, the mat weighs 800g, making it portable to go anywhere.

The Boldfit Yoga mat is an Anti-slip and high-intensity Anti-tear product. The yoga mat is quite long and thick making it comfortable for doing any exercise. The product quality is quite impressive with the budget.

Yogarise Anti Skid and Durable Multicolour Yoga Mat

A comfortable and unique pattern-designed Yoga mat with light in weight and comfortable to use. The yoga mat comes with a carry bag so you can pack it and move it wherever you want.

This exercise mat is quite long and thick, built with a quality product material. The mat is waterproof as well as Anti-slip, providing a grip while exercising.

OJS ® EVA Yoga Mat

The exercise mat is built with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate with proper thickness and quality to ensure comfort and durability.

The product is lightweight and provided a carry bag for portability to use. The mat is Anti-slip and Anti-tear which provides longer durability of the usage.

SOLARA Premium Yoga

A good looking exercise mat to give your morning routine a bliss. This exercise mat is built with Thermoplastic Elastomers, a long and durable product material.

The mat is quite comfortable to carry and use while working out. The product is double sided Anti-slip, means you don’t have to worry about on which side you’re going to do your circuits.

This exercise mat is waterproof and provides excellent cushion for your body.

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