Pre Jym vs Beyond Raw Lit

Pre workout powders are popular with bodybuilders and athletes who compete in sports that require great strength such as football or ice hockey. They increase your energy and focus during your workouts, then aid in recovery on your off days.

There are many good choices available on the market, so we thought it would be useful to compare two of the most popular ones head to head: Pre Jym vs Beyond Raw LIT. Both are excellent products so you really can’t make a bad choice between them.

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Each product is well formulated and packed with creatine and other ingredients so you can make achieve the best possible results from your workouts. These powders are legal to use to prepare for all professional and amateur competitions. Do not confuse these powders with steroids. Creatine, the most important ingredient, is found in red meat, fish and eggs. About half of the creatine in your body comes from your diet. The rest is produced by your liver and kidneys. Creatine is consumed by the muscles when they are working hard, so athletes should use supplements to replace that which is consumed during strenous exercise.




BCCAS - branched amino acids
Beat Alanine

Citruline Malate
Nitrix Oxide
Number of Servings



$ per Ounce in January 2022

$1.33 (after 20% off)


The Bottom Line

This is a “toss up” situation. One suggestion is to get together with a workout buddy. One of you buys the Pre Jym, the other buys Beyond Raw LIT, then share it with each other to see which you like better.